This page is a work in progress for public facing stats for my 44.4kW off-grid solar setup.

222.6 MWh of solar power generated to-date.
Approximately 143.792 tons of coal not burned.
Approximately 411.244 tons of CO2 not produced.
Approximately 141400 miles of solar powered EV driving enabled. (~4713 gallons of gasoline not burned.)

Green - PV power fully utilized (combination of loads and battery charging)
Orange - PV Power at nearly full utilization to offset loads (batteries mostly full, loads close to full PV power)
Red - PV Power Underutilized (batteries mostly full, load total less than incoming PV power)
Blue Line - Roof Array - SW (238°) facing 15.7 kW
Grey Line - Ground Array - SE (148°) facing 28.7 kW
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Orange - Power from solar arrays (can truncate if batteries are full)
Green - Power to/from batteries (charging shown negative, usage positive)
Red - Power pulled from the utility grid
Blue Line - All AC loads (includes grid usage)
Purple Line - Approximate storage state of charge (SoC), estimated from battery voltage

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Note: Some usage data between about April 2017 and July 26, 2017 was corrupted due to a bad sensor. Usage data logging begin April 2016.

Some other details:
The roughly ~1kW steady load on the grid is a locally hosted rack of servers. It switches from off-grid to on-grid independently of the rest of the house. Calculations of usage may be a little off when this happens, as the script generating the graph tries to compensate for this.

Power drawn from the batteries has an inverter (in)efficiency computation applied to it.

Solar and battery values are for the DC side of things. AC usage line and grid usage are on the AC side.

All of this data has some margin of error, as it is calculated from multiple sensors in many different pieces of hardware throughout the system.

AC kWh totals do NOT include DC to AC conversion losses.